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Services especially tailored for your dog by a CERTIFIED MASTER GROOMER.

Why choose a Certified Master Groomer?

Groomers vary greatly in education, overall techniques, blade choices, scissoring and skill levels.
Certified Master Groomer certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America has obtained the highest skill level in the industry. When you choose a grooming shop for your pet, you place your trust in that establishment. By choosing a Certified Master Groomer you know your pet is in the best hands and will be handled with finesse and professionalism from start to finish. Your pet will be shampooed over its whole body and thoroughly rinsed. The proper amount of pressure will be used when brushing and applying clippers to the coat to keep your pet comfortable and pain free. Good grooming takes time and we spend enough time scissoring and clipping your pet to assure the best finish with minimal stress to your pet. A Certified Master Groomer gives you the assurance that your pet will be groomed to its specific breed standards or if you so desire, to the style you prefer.

We use a generous amount of shampoo in combination with a stimulating massage from our special bathing facility. We offer services ranging from just nail clipping to complete grooming and styling for your pet.

BATH & BRUSH includes the following:
Shampoo, hand dry and brush out coat, pads cleaned, pedicure, ears and eyes cleaned, express anal glands, and if so desired, cologne, ribbons and/or bandanas

GROOM & STYLE includes all above in BATH & BRUSH plus:
Hand scissoring, clipping and styling to its appropriate breed standard or to the style and cut you desire.
Medicated shampoos and Flea & Tick treatments are used when necessary.

Because of the variety of breeds, and present condition of dog, prices can vary.

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